Greg calls government workers scum;

“I was born in the Soviet Union so I know what they want,” Golyansky said. “I’ve seen it before.”

So far, so good. People cheered and waved flags and signs.

“These people are storm troopers of communism. We must defeat them. I never realized there was that much scum on government payrolls … ,” Golyansky continued.

Greg tells us that printed books are on their way out and that light rail is 19th century technology

"Government doesn't need to be involved in building golf courses or exercise facilities or ice rinks. Libraries are going away. Paper books are the yesterday technology, being replaced by online information. Government should stop subsidizing things like light rail. It's essentially a 19th century technology," Golyansky said."

Youtube of a debate with Greg

Apparently Greg has been persecuted by the police!

Here's the evidence; Denver's court Case Numbers: C348074, 06GS992753, 08GS166706!

Greg on handguns

"Golyansky calls "Saturday Night Special'' a political definition, not a technical term, and says all his weapons come with a warranty. "There are Rolls Royces and there are Chevrolets,'' he said. "That doesn't mean the Chevrolet is not a car.''